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JPPHB - Janjikan Perkhidmatan Penuh Harapan Bertanggungjawab
To be an organization that is excellent in establishing and maintaining the infrastructure and property of the University in ensuring University of Malaya's position as a premier university.
  • To safeguard the interests and well-being of the campus community as well as users of its facilities.
  • To create an effective, committed and dynamic management of the University's properties.
  • To implement efficient and cost effective development projects of the University.
  • 5 tons of waste is converted into useful secondary products such as fertilizer in a year.
  • Reducing the demand on utilities by 3% per year (MW = Electricity; Water = m3).
  • To ensure that the target of 90% from the applications for damages, satisfaction statistics and complaints through the Helpdesk system achieved in the period applied.
  • Complete three strategic development projects within a year.
  • Increase / hold at least one facility for the disabled people within a year.
  • Generating 2 business intelligence reports for the top management a year.
  • Provide at least 1% of OCAR PPHB budget fled in the latest technology (advanced / green) for campus use.


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Last updated : 19th April 2017