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Vehicle Purchase Justification Form PK1
Updating Location If Occurs;
1 Incorrect Location
2 Changed Location
Manual For Updating Asset Category
Manual For Old Subtag Registration
Manual For Adding Asset Brand
User Manual For Printer Sato (Tagging)
Asset Managemnet Guidelines
1 GP01 Asset/Inventory Management Guidelines
(a) Letter Appointment for Asset Officer - Appendix A
(b) Letter Appointment for Asset Receiving Officer - Appendix B
(c) Letter Appointment For Vehicle Officer - Appendix C
(d) Letter Appointment for Examining Officer - Appendix D
(e) Letter Appointment for Investigator Officer - Appendix I
2 P01 Acceptance
(a) Asset/Inventory Acceptance Form - UM/BPH/PA-1
3 P02 Registration
(a) Standard No Tagging - Appendix E
(b) Stock Transaction Form/Office Equipment/Laboratory/Sports/Music/Workshop - UM/BPH/PA-2
(c) Personal Asset/Inventory Form - UM/BPH/PA-3
(d) Asset/Inventory Movement Form - UM/BPH/PA-4
(e) Asset/Inventory Permanent Movement/Transfer Form - UM/BPH/PA-5
(f) Asset/Inventory By Location Form - UM/BPH/PA-6
(g) Annual Report of Asset/Inventory - UM/BPH/PA-7
4 P03 Usage, Storage & Checking
(a) Inspection Report of Asset/Inventory - UM/BPH/PA-9
5 P04 Maintenance
(a) List of Assets Requiring Scheduled Maintenance - UM/BPH/PA-10
(b) Asset Maintenance Records - UM/BPH/PA-11
(c) Annual Report of Asset/Inventory Maintenance UM/BPH/PA-12
6 P05 Disposal
(a) Asset Disposal Form UM/BPH/PA-13
(b) Asset Disposal Slide
7 P06 Loss
(a) Asset/Inventory Loss Report UM/BPH/PA-17
(b) Investigation Report UM/BPH/PA-18
Procedure for Disposal of Immovable Asset (Physical)
Procedure for Disposal of Immovable Assets (Physical)
Immovable Asset Disposal Form - PATA-1
Schedule of Rental Rates and Space

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