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Completed projects with inclusive facilities (SDG 10)

JPPHB has completed the upgrading and retrofitting of accommodations for students with disabilities at 7th Residential College. The RC, equipped with facilities that assist students such as ramps, tactile indicators, disabled friendly toilets etc. In addition, JPPHB also completed several ‘mock-up’ units at 6th and 11th Residential College which include en-suite toilets.
A. 6th Residential College [±]
B. 7th Residential College[±]
C. 11th Residential College[±]
UNIVERSITI MALAYA welcomes  local and international students with disabilities  by incorporating  universal design onto academic  buildings to ensure all of our graduates gets  equal rights. Despite our old buildings, we aim  towards inclusive university by  gradually  upgrading  and retrofitting  our buildings with disabled friendly facilities.
A. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences[±]
B. Faculty of Built Environment[±]
UNIVERSITI MALAYA  is  also concerned with all  student's accessibility  not  limited to accommodations and academic spaces. In fact, buildings with student facilities such as muslim prayer hall, the student centre (Perdanasiswa), exam hall and etc. are also provided with disabled-friendly facilities for students' use.
A. Muslim Prayer Hall[±]
B. Student Centre (Perdanasiswa)[±]

Last Update: 08/10/2021